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Virtual Tour

Click on the link below and get a beautiful picture of the entire domain Castle Groot Buggenum.

Look around outside

From a bird’s-eye view you get a view of the castle, the gardens and the surrounding farmlands. Slowly the camera rotates and with your mouse you can navigate, up, down, left or right. Zooming in or out is also possible, see the navigation panel at the bottom of the screen. The best thing comes into its own when you choose Full screen (see navigation bar). Flashing red circles indicate that if you go there with the mouse and click, you will get a new insight from there. Flashing circles with a camera in it show a special picture in a separate screen.

Look around inside

After you have looked outside, you can (through red blinking circles) in and step by step, room for room, ceiling to floor and 360 degrees around, at your own pace to get to know all the rooms and their tastefully combined, artistic, creative valuable interior. Your own personal tour.

Atmosphere during the day or evening atmosphere?

Top left is Virtual Tour by Day and Virtual Tour by Night. Here you can choose between images during the day or an impression in the evening atmosphere. After your choice (click with mouse) opens a screen with all the photo points where you can immediately look around.

We invite you to give it a try, a surprising experience.

Lots of fun!