For the guests and for us you are this day our lord and lady ….. because there are no other guests on the domain. The entire castle and gardens are always exclusively available. There is no door closed for your guests and it is completely and warmly decorated as a house. Fifteen rooms each offering their own ambience through the balanced combination of furniture, clocks, sculptures, paintings, chandeliers, ornaments, porcelain and much more from a period of three centuries. All rooms, which, depending on the chosen day program, can or can not be used.



Ceremony in the courtyard

In addition, a private courtyard with flowers all around full of colors, stately trees and splashing fountains. A wedding ceremony in the courtyard is therefore often taken as an option.

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Take pictures in the gardens and around the castle, our English round garden, the Hortensia island, the herb garden, the meadow with fruit trees, not forgetting the green Monet bridge or our pond garden with in the middle the wrought iron bench for the lovers. ….. Also for a photo report your photographer will love the possibilities to practice his craft both in good weather and in less weather. Because also in the castle there are beautiful places in every room to be immortalized in the right pose.




Ceremony at the castle

But also a Wedding Ceremony in the Wedding Room of the castle is a special and atmospheric experience. During the day the company is often smaller in size, no problem, because even with 25 people it’s good to stay and enjoy at Castle Groot Buggenum. While 100 to 150 people are also very pleasant here. The limit will only be reached with a maximum of 200 people at the evening party in our new and contemporary space, Paviljoen “De Kruidentuin”. Equipped with all contemporary technology and conveniences, a bustling evening party until 1 a.m. no longer stands in the way. The castle is never too big, but it always fits like a warm glove, to accommodate the guests you have invited.

What are you looking for?

Castle Groot Buggenum can therefore play an important and atmospheric role in different ways during your Wedding Day as location and decor.

Only ceremony

There are couples who only allow the Wedding Ceremony to take place at the castle. That is possible and we will then start about 1.5 hours earlier. This time is needed for a relaxed reception, the ceremony, possibly toast and congratulations.


Ceremony and afternoon stay

There are also couples who stay next to the Wedding Ceremony for the rest of the afternoon. That gives more space and possibilities. Preparation, reception of guests, ceremony, bells ringing, toast, congratulating, wedding cake, taking photos wedding couple / possibility tour guests, drinks, dinner / BBQ / walking dinner / buffet.


Ceremony, afternoon and evening stay

Most couples who visit Groot Buggenum Castle choose to do everything at Groot Buggenum. So including the reception / reception evening guests and then the party night. For the peace it gives and the optimal use of time because people no longer have to travel unnecessarily and / or have to acclimatize again.


We would like to inform you, of course without obligation, about the options and costs to answer the question if Castle Groot Buggenum is the place you are looking for. To find out there, there are 2 possibilities to get this clear:


– Call for an appointment and come to see for yourself without any obligation

This is the best and fastest way to get a clear picture. When you come by, you see with your own eyes and …. you feel if this is the right place. And the feeling is often decisive. Take into account at least 1.5 to 2 hours before. Appointments are possible by the week during the day from 10.00 and in the evening until 22.00. On Saturday between 10 am and 12 noon, if there are no activities at the castle. Do not hesitate, call +31475452835 for an appointment and come and take a look.


-Or, first request our brochure “Wedding and party at Kasteel Groot Buggenum”.

This can be done via the links below or by email.

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Virtual Tour

See also our virtual tour for an impression by day and evening.



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Hope to see you again!

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