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Only Wedding Ceremony

If you decide to only hold the wedding ceremony at Kasteel Groot Buggenum, the maximum stay is 1.5 hours. Possibilities are Monday to Thursday until 5 pm (departure) and on Friday or Saturday until 11.30 am (departure).
* Arrival, wedding ceremony, bells ringing, congratulating
* Arrival, wedding ceremony, bells ringing, champagne toast, congratulating.


Wedding Ceremony and Afternoon Stay

After the arrival you can immediately start the ceremony or (recommended) first a reception with a coffee or tea buffet. Of course, the bride can also decide to have the entire bride’s toilet at Kasteel Groot Buggenum. Then descend the majestic staircase from the fantastic library, where the Groom, accompanied by your day guests, will receive his Bride with loud applause. A castle-like entrance.

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The duration of a wedding ceremony is approximately 30 to 45 minutes. After the wedding you can surprise the guests with a special wedding cake or a High Tea. In good weather it is also possible to have this take place in the enclosed courtyard. Then on the road to make beautiful pictures in and around the castle and to conclude a buffet, BBQ, walking dinner or dinner.


Bells Loud

After the ceremony, the bridal couple, led by the BABS, can go to the Tower Room. Here the bride and groom can ring the castle bells of Kasteel Groot Buggenum and let the world hear that they have given each other the “Yes” word!


Champagne toast

During the bell, we can provide your guests with a glass of sparkling champagne or cava. As soon as the bride and groom come down again and finally take the champagne glasses in hand, the master of ceremonies or our hostess calls for a joint toast to the happy couple.


Wedding cake

You can choose the wedding cake yourself and check with a confectioner of your choice and have it delivered. If you use one of our caterers (see Catering), the wedding cake can also be ordered through them. The price is of course dependent on your choice.



Of course it is possible for the bridal couples who close their wedding at Castle Groot Buggenum, to use the castle and / or the gardens as a backdrop for the photos. The time that your guests take a look at the castle after the wedding cake or if they take a guided tour, is often a good time for the photos. It is also possible to take the photos in advance.

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Guided tour

When the bride and groom make photos, we can offer a guided tour of the castle to the lovers. Under the guidance of one or more expert guides, your guests are guided around in small groups. During a tour of the whole castle, your guests get a fascinating story about the history of the Castle and in particular its last resident Prof. dr. Dr. Helmut Hentrich. The costs per guide are € 25, -, maximum 15 persons per guide.

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Dinner, Walking Dinner, BBQ or Buffet

Between 17.30 and 19.30 our caterers can pamper your guests with delicious dishes in the form of dinner at the table, or a walking dinner, perhaps a generous BBQ or an extensive buffet. The youngest guests are delighted to help with the preparations of the dishes (with washed hands!). Everyone comes to rest for a moment to be pampered by food and drink and thus provide the body with new energy to strengthen for a lively end of the day.

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Wedding Ceremony, Afternoon and Evening Party

After the wedding ceremony and the afternoon activities as described above, Kasteel Groot Buggenum is also an excellent location for stylish reception and reception of the evening guests. From about 8.30 pm the brakes can be released for a sparkling evening party in style or a swinging disco party in our new pavilion “De Kruidentuin”.

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A stylish reception at Kasteel Groot Buggenum is possible for up to 200 people. In good weather, of course, the platform and the courtyard are also available.


Evening party

After the reception, or the reception of the evening guests, round off the day with a stylish evening party. In a collaboration between you, the caterer and the castle we will shape your wishes to make your wedding day, also for your guests, an unforgettable experience that everyone will remember with great pleasure.



Everything comes to an end. Based on our experiences, all parties at Kasteel Groot Buggenum end between 00.00 and 01.00. At the peak end around this time after a busy day, has many advantages and we would like to discuss this with you and explain.


The music will stop at 01.00 o’clock at the latest, a final round and the bride and groom can say goodbye to the guests. Usually around 01.30 hours all guests left and the Wedding couple can be happy on their way home. But not after a chat (Cooldown-moment) of the whole day in the Hearth Room with a last drink, to let the impressions of the day settle down.

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