The Gardens of Roland Weber

Garden rooms
The castle is surrounded by a park with different garden rooms. The gardens were designed by the famous landscape architect Roland Weber from Germany. Everywhere you hear the splashing of fountains and gargoyles and that evokes a refreshing atmosphere.

Claude Monet
Claude Monet would feel at home here at the slender Japanese bridge from his garden in Giverny, bent over a carpet of water lilies in the moat. Images from the four seasons (Mainfrankisch), a baroque source from Bayreuth, English lead vases, a totem pole from Bali next to an ancient mulberry tree and ornate railings forged by French craftsmen of generations.

Various garden rooms:
-Bathing garden
– Herb garden
-Door garden along the castle wall
-Round English Garden
-Flowers-picking garden
-The Hortensia island
-The fruit meadow

The garden is being renovated and maintained in phases by Tuinarchitecte Helga Meens-Kreijen, in consultation with Dhr. BenTaken van Taken Lanschaps-planning from Roermond. After 30 years, the garden was in need of renewal in terms of plants and flowers, but to be realized according to the ideas that Weber and Hentrich had in mind during the first decoration of the gardens in 1971.

Helmut Hentrich and Roland Weber
When walking through the gardens, one is surprised by the many special elements that Hentrich and Weber have added to complete the plants, trees and flowers. The many water, the canal, the ponds, the gargoyles and the Uffel stream underline the lively character of these gardens and are an excellent habitat for ducks, swans, geese and all kinds of other bird species that regularly settle on the domain of Castle Groot Buggenum.

In the fruit meadow there are various fruit trees that tempt many visitors to pick a piece of apple (or pear) for thirst. A walk through the gardens is certainly worthwhile for lovers.