Foundation Kasteel Groot Buggenum

Preserve for the future

The creator of this beautiful place was very interested in that his “Gesamtkunstwerk” would remain complete for a long future. That is why Professor Hentrich donated the castle with the extensive art collection to the province of Limburg, provided that it ensures an uninterrupted continuation. Since the transfer, a bronze portrait of the generous donor (by sculptor Appie Drielsma) adorns the castle as a tribute to the good giver and to the visitor. Because visitors are extremely welcome under the motto of

Hentrich: “Groot Buggenum soll leben“.

Stichting Kasteel Groot Buggenum

The Kasteel Groot Buggenum Foundation manages the castle on behalf of the province of Limburg. To preserve this precious gift for the future and to do justice to the wish of Prof.Hentrich “Ess soll leben”, the foundation has been operating the castle since 1999 by making it available for guided tours, weddings, business events, private parties and coffee tables. . But always with respect for what Professor Hentrich has left us!

Target revenue exploitation

The proceeds of the exploitation are used by the Kasteel Groot Buggenum Foundation for the preservation of the Castle. By choosing Castle Groot Buggenum as the location for your event, you contribute to the preservation of this exceptional cultural heritage. That is why Kasteel Groot Buggenum wants to be of service to you to make this special day in your life an unforgettable day.