Courtyard garden and platform
Through the driveway, along the fountains and across the bridge you enter the courtyard where, after climbing some stairs, you arrive at the green front doors of the castle.

Fifteen departures
The interior consists of 15 rooms each offering their own ambience through the balanced combination of furniture, clocks, paintings, drawings, chandeliers, wall ornaments, porcelain, ironwork and much more from a period of three centuries. Up to the tower room, where a collection of Basque bird cages competes with the wide view of Central Limburg’s natural beauty.

Ground floor:
– Reception hall
– Wedding room / reception room
– Boisserie
– Dining room
– Portuguese cuisine
– Garden room
– Hearth room
– Covered terrace
– Feestpaviljoen De Kruidentuin

Feestpaviljoen De Kruidentuin
In the former Herb Garden, next to the Castle, a new multifunctional space has been created. Suitable for your Wedding ceremony, reception, dinner, buffet and party night. Around a lot of glass with a view of the historic backdrop of Kasteel Groot Buggenum. You look out over the romantic pond garden. The back wall is adorned by 4 old fountain bins where the fish beaks splash their water. On the east side an intimate tiled patio, suitable for various purposes. In the ceiling 4 sophisticated lighters, through which one can even see the castle tower. An oak dance floor of 7 by 7 meters, surrounded by tastefully decorated tables and comfortable chairs. The latest techniques concerning light and sound create a special audiovisual experience. Disco ball and LED lights around the dance floor, along the 9 columns, in the light shakers and in the buffet, round off the whole in a special way. In the “herb garden” parties are possible up to 180-200 people.

1st floor:
– Helmut Hentrichzaal
– Library

2nd floor:
– Exhibition space
– Bedroom Professor Hentrich

3th floor:
– The Tower Room

Guided tour or prefer to discover for yourself
During parties or events, the castle is always exclusively made available and all these rooms are accessible to the guests. Each space is unique, in terms of decor and decoration, bold combinations of styles and artefacts and yet authentic, homely and warm. A special atmosphere that allows guests to relax and enjoy. An interior that also challenges us to want to know more. What is that? Where is it from? Which style? A tour with one of our guides gives an interesting insight into the history of the castle and in particular his last resident Prof. dr. Helmut Hentrich.